Prepare Your Home For Sale

Or simply give it a face lift!

After you’ve lived in your home for years, a little refreshing can make the difference in the sale price of your home. DIY projects can cost you if done wrong or in a rush. We have our pros take the guesswork out of the small things that make a huge impact. Don’t leave money on the table!

Custom Lighting

Interior, Exterior, Under-Cabinet Mounted Lighting

Custom Paint

Interior and Exterior Custom Paint

Wood Refinishing

Decks, Cabinets, and everything in between

Custom Tile

Carefully selected to get the best bang for your buck

There's so much more...

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About Us
Julie Martin is a home preparation expert, specializing in getting homes ready to sell with small make overs that maximize return on investment and get homes updated for today's market. Julie is also a licensed Realtor® in the State of Missouri and specializes in real estate auctions.
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